Food Allergies and Blenderized Tube Feeds

In America it's estimated that food allergies effect 32 million people, including those with feeding tubes. There are many benefits to making your own blenderized tube feed (BTF), or blenderized diet, but one of the most appealing reasons for many is that by making their own tube feed formula, they can guarantee that certain allergens … Continue reading Food Allergies and Blenderized Tube Feeds

Nutrition Breakdown: Iron

Getting the most out of your blenderized tube feed (BTF) recipes is important for individuals with feeding tubes.  Making sure you have all the micro and macronutrients, while avoiding food allergies, plus keeping in mind what you have in the house and what your family likes to eat can become overwhelming for even the pros! … Continue reading Nutrition Breakdown: Iron

Blenderized Diets 101

What are Blenderized Tube Feeds? Blenderized Tube Feeds (BTF), also called blenderized diets, are homemade tube feed formulas made by blending foods and liquids together. This is normally done using a high powered blender. These homemade formulas can be the sole source of nutrition or used in combination with other commercial formulas. Since BTF are … Continue reading Blenderized Diets 101

What’s in Season this Spring?

Happy first day of Spring! The weather is getting warmer, everything is in bloom, and fresh fruits and vegetable are readily available at grocery stores, farmers markets, or in your back yard! Getting a variety of fruits and vegetables is the key to any healthy diet. Filling your meals with produce that is in-season provides … Continue reading What’s in Season this Spring?

The Four Steps of Food Safety

Each year, millions of people get food borne illnesses. Tube feeding formulas, including blenderized and commercial formulas, are not immune (pun intended) to the dangerous types of bacteria that cause food borne illness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has developed four easy steps that you can take to protect yourself and your family. CLEAN: … Continue reading The Four Steps of Food Safety

Handwashing: How to Not Make Yourself Sick

Poor hand hygiene is one of the key ways that food-borne illnesses are spread. If you’ve ever gone to a group dinner were everyone makes and eats the same meal, and only one person gets food poisoning, this is usually a sign of improper handwashing. Proper handwashing is one of the most basic tasks we … Continue reading Handwashing: How to Not Make Yourself Sick

To Blend or Not to Blend

Blenderized tube feedings (BTFs) are making a comeback! These homemade tube feed formulas were the only source of nutrition for those with feeding tube before commercial formulas came to the market. The first tube feed formulas in history were often household ingredients, such as milk, broth, and even whiskey. Now individuals are going back to … Continue reading To Blend or Not to Blend