Blenderized Diets 101

What are Blenderized Tube Feeds? Blenderized Tube Feeds (BTF), also called blenderized diets, are homemade tube feed formulas made by blending foods and liquids together. This is normally done using a high powered blender. These homemade formulas can be the sole source of nutrition or used in combination with other commercial formulas. Since BTF are … Continue reading Blenderized Diets 101

Resources for Home Tube Feeds

“Life is like playing a violin in public and learning the instrument as one goes along.” ~Samuel Butler Let’s talk learning! Life with a feeding tube can be a lot of learning on the fly and sometimes the questions can come more quickly than their answers. Knowing where to go for reliable information can help … Continue reading Resources for Home Tube Feeds

Hydration and Feeding Tubes

Water is a major nutrient that makes up most of the body and is vital to our health. Fluids are required for proper digestion, bowel regulation, getting rid of waste in the body (AKA detoxes the body), regulating the body’s temperature, cushioning joints and organs, and more! The amount of fluid needed can fluctuate depending … Continue reading Hydration and Feeding Tubes