5 Children’s Books for Tubies

No matter how old you are, a good book can always comfort the mind and the soul. Whether you’re looking for a book for a child that is new to tube feeds or a season expert in the tubie care, these books may give them a sense of comfort or extra boost in confidence. Not only can these books answer some of the questions they have but they also are great for the imagination!

“The Adventures of Team Super Tubie” by Kristin Meyer

This book is about 3 kids who are Super-Tubies that get a call from the Tubie Message Center to spring into action and go on adventures to save the day! Each Super-Tubie is different, each having a specific type of feeding tube, but all unique to come together and fight fires, battle dragons, and capture bad guys!

“Henry Imagines: An Adventurous View of Short Bowel Syndrome” by Joseph Bowes

This book is about a boy with short bowel syndrome who uses his imagination to enjoy life with his ostomy, G-tube and central line, and go on wild adventures.

“My Special Line” by ThriveRx

This book is great for younger children to explain the important of having good hygiene and line care through rhyming and repetition. It focuses on having basic line care like keeping it safe,clean and dry, and shows that even with a central venous line, a kid can still be a kid!

“My Belly has Two Buttons” by Meikele Lee

This book is about a little boy named Nico that tells readers what makes him distinct:his 2nd button. Nico has a feeding tube, and he helps children understand that this is what makes them unique and why they should love themselves and their 2nd button.

“Emma’s Special Tummy” by Paula Lancaster

This story is about a little girl named Emma who is diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) and gets a feeding tube. This is her tale of how she was scared about her feeding tube, but her journey to understand how unique and special she is, and how being different is a good thing. Bonus: This book also comes with a soft Emma doll to go along with the tale!

All of these stories are great for children who have a variety of feeding tubes and conditions that may make them feel scared and unsure of the world. They focus on ensuring that the reader feels unique and understands that being different is a great thing! It is important for the child to also know that they should celebrate their differences from their friends, and encourage them to be brave and confident!

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation has developed a list of book for children and adults. For more information check out: https://www.feedingtubeawareness.org/books/

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