Blenderized Diets 101

What are Blenderized Tube Feeds?

Blenderized Tube Feeds (BTF), also called blenderized diets, are homemade tube feed formulas made by blending foods and liquids together. This is normally done using a high powered blender. These homemade formulas can be the sole source of nutrition or used in combination with other commercial formulas.

Since BTF are made from real, whole foods, they can be made to fit any dietary needs such as disease related diet restrictions, allergies, intolerance, or personal food preferences (vegan, vegetarian, etc). The fact that the person making the blend can control every thing that is and isn’t added is one of the main reasons BTF are becoming so popular!

Blenderized Tube Feeds are NOT:
-Puree diet, full liquid, or straw diet
-Blending up pizzas and burgers

Blenderized Tube Feeds may contain:
-Table foods/liquids
-Baby foods
-Commercial formulas

Who will tolerate BTF best?

BTFs are not for everyone. Some individuals will tolerate them better than others based on the medical conditions. They can also be very overwhelming to individuals that are new to tube feeds. 

BTF are best tolerated by those that:

  • Are medically stable
  • Have a feeding tube in their stomach (PEG tube)
  • Have a matures tube site/stoma, healed with no infection
  • Have a tube diameter > 10 French (>14 French diameter preferred)
  • Have a good immune system
  • Can tolerate bolus feeds
  • Have the support of their medical team

If you’re new to or interested in starting a blenderized diet, working with a Registered Dietitian will help to make you’re transition smooth and safe! It also helps to have your physician on board.

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