Nutrition Breakdown: Iron

Getting the most out of your blenderized tube feed (BTF) recipes is important for individuals with feeding tubes.  Making sure you have all the micro and macronutrients, while avoiding food allergies, plus keeping in mind what you have in the house and what your family likes to eat can become overwhelming for even the pros! … Continue reading Nutrition Breakdown: Iron

Feeding Tubes & Emotional Roadblocks

Caring for a child, parent, or another family member that has a feeding tube can be challenging, both physically and mentally. There are many challenges that you will face and many emotional barriers that you will have to overcome, but they are all part of the crazy thing we call life. Many emotional blocks that … Continue reading Feeding Tubes & Emotional Roadblocks

What’s in Season for Summer & Garden Updates

Summer is finally here and the weather is heating up! Well, in the South it’s been heating up. We are officially hot. But, those warmer temperatures mean that there’s a new group of produce fresh for the picking! The farmers markets are in full swing with an abundance of fruits and vegetables ready to go … Continue reading What’s in Season for Summer & Garden Updates