Tube Feeding Accessories 2.0

Every teenager wants to fit in but sometimes it isn’t easy when you have a feeding tube. However, most kids don’t even notice when one of their peers has a feeding tube because of new accessories and supplies that conceal the tube site, while still protecting it. If you read my last blog post about tubie accessories for kids, you probably wouldn’t be all too happy about potentially having a Hello Kitty or Superhero G-tube pad, but there are other supplies are age appropriate!

Many companies have recognized the fact that feeding tubes aren’t just for kids, because many teenagers and adults need them, so they have made G-tube accessories that are easily concealed under any type of clothing and will keep your tube safe! Although they don’t always come in a lot of cool and crazy designs, they do come in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for every teenager or adult that wants protection and comfort.

G-Tube Wraps

Below is a G-tube wrap made by Gus Gear, which is a company that specializes in making comfortable wraps and G-tube gear that keeps the tubing secure. These wraps are great for kids, teenagers, and adults because they are adjustable and easily concealable underneath a shirt or dress.

Gus Gear uses accurate abdomen measurements to determine the perfect size for you, and these wraps are great for flexibility (especially in gym!) and are soft against the skin. A lot of companies might make similar products, but the blended fabric that Gus Gear makes the wraps from prevents any rashes or irritation to the skin, and easily secures the stoma, providing security and accessibility.

Gtube Wrap

For parents, the best part of these wraps are that they know that your child is growing, so they are expandable, and allow for 2-3 inches of expansion for growth, which is especially helpful when your child is going through puberty and constantly outgrowing clothes! For teens who want to match their wraps to their outfits, these G-tube wraps come in 12 different colors!


G-Tube Protective Belts

If you are looking for something a little thinner than the G-tube wrap, the G-tube Protective Belts are a great alternative that still provide the protection and flexibility that you need to move around and also protects your stoma. Many individuals have found ways to make their own from fabric and other materials, but if you aren’t crafty, then companies like Benik are the right way for you to go!

Gtube belt

Unlike the G-tube wraps, the belts have a protective “shell” that covers the stoma site completely, so if you’re more active and are want more protection, these might be better for you. These belts are great for all sizes, from preemies to adults, and you can customize your sizes based on your measurements. The protective belts are suitable for cecostomy tubes, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes (PEG-tubes), and gastrostomy-jejunostomy tubes (GJ-Tube)!

Ostomy Belts

Along with the G-tube belts, Benik also makes “Ostomy Belts” which are similar, but are attached to neoprene pouches that offer support and holds all equipment in place. Unlike the other belt, this one is specifically designed to be secure over the wafer dressings, and contains a leak-resistant bag as well.

Ostomy Bag

The “Ostomy Belt” also contains the “shell” covering to protect the stoma site as well, and comes in a variety of sizes based on your specific measurements. These belts are perfect for any size, from preemie to adult, so they are universally flexible and comfortable for any situation!

Emergency Feeding Tube Bags

It is important to always be prepared for any situation, and just like you would have a first aid kit, you can have your own emergency G-tube kit. Many people who make the emergency kits use small lunch boxes, small backpacks, or travel bags to have easy access to quick supplies. Because of their small size, you can keep them in their cars, in desk drawers at work, or just around their house where they can easily be accessed.

Below are some important items that you could put in!

  • Latex/Nitrile Gloves
  • Clorox Wipes
  • Spare G-tubes (2)
  • 2 x 2 Split Gauze
  • Spare Extension Tubes
  • Syringes (assorted sizes based on your needs)
  • Extra Bottles of Sterile Water
  • Cath Tip Syringes (assorted sizes)
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen
  • Scissors

I hope you love all of these cute, affordable, and comfortable accessories that are adaptable for all ages and sizes! If you are feeling super daring and crafty, I encourage you to try and see if you can make your own G-tube belts and wraps, and post pictures and comments below of your creations! Feel free to mix and match any of the emergency kit supplies. Comment below about supplies that you all have in your own G-tube Bags!

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