What’s in Season for Summer & Garden Updates

Summer is finally here and the weather is heating up! Well, in the South it’s been heating up. We are officially hot. But, those warmer temperatures mean that there’s a new group of produce fresh for the picking! The farmers markets are in full swing with an abundance of fruits and vegetables ready to go on the grill or in your favorite dessert.

Getting a variety of fruits and vegetables is the key to any healthy diet. Filling your meals with produce that is in-season provides better flavor, offers more nutrition, and saves you money! Whether you are cooking, freezing, or pickling this fresh produce get it while you can!

Keep an eye for these in-season fruits and vegetables this June, July, and August:


Peppers (sweet and hot)
Green Beans
Summer Squash



Garden Updates

We moved into our first home this March and have been busy with outdoor projects! The house need landscaped, the downspouts need rerouted, and the tree need saved from vines and seedlings. We also have pollinators (multiple bees and wasps), but unfortunately most of them have made homes in our deck.

Equally important, after being in pots for 2 years, my berry bushes needed planted in the ground and we needed to build raised beds for our summer veggies! In the areas we live you are normally safe to start your gardens by the end of April.

We now have five blueberry plants <<we went a little overboard>>, three blackberry plants and two very questionable raspberry starters!


We put in three raised beds and have filled them with peppers (hot and sweet), tomatoes, beans, okra, cucumbers, summer squash, and one very large spaghetti squash.


Saving the best for last, we also discovered that we have wild black raspberries and blackberries along our tree line! The bad news is they are not contained, are full of vines, and are infested with biting red bugs! We found that out the hard way!

Honeysuckle growing up our berries and into the trees!
Black raspberries were the first to ripen up this year!


wild mess
This picture doesn’t do justice to the wild mess that our treeline is! Containing and thinning these berries will be summer and fall project/workout.

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