Welcome to Lynn Kline Nutrition!

My name is Lynn Kline and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist specializing in enteral nutrition support. I’ve been interested in nutrition since middle school. I was watching Oprah one afternoon and she and her guest, Dr. Oz, were talking about all the different types of fats and their food sources. I was amazed by the idea that not all fats are equal and that some are actually good! Later that day, I realized that nutrition was my calling when my parents got home from work. I sat them both down to teach them about good fats and bad fats (naturally this included me trying to draw fats as well).

Why Nutrition Support

Fifteen years later, I continue to enjoy teaching others about how nutrition affects our bodies, and our overall health. However, I can say that I no longer get my nutrition advice from TV celebrities! The longer I’ve worked in healthcare, the more I enjoy working with individuals that receive their nutrition from tubes. Whether it was teaching a patient how to use their new tube, helping them solve a tolerance issue, or weaning them off their tube feed, I enjoyed being there for the patient and their families. I was able to sever as a resource for all things related to nutrition and help the patient prepare to go home with their tube.

Why Coaching?

After working in hospitals for a few years, I started to notice a common trend in patients coming into the hospital from home with feeding tubes: There is a huge lack in support when patients are at home!  

This can happen for many reasons:

  • They don’t have access to a dietitian – none of their doctors or outpatient providers have a dietitian on staff to provide nutrition advice.
  • They are no longer followed by the doctor that placed the tube.
  • Their current doctor has limit experience with feeding tubes.
  • Their insurance provides little or no support for services related to feeding tubes.

My goal for Lynn Kline Nutrition is to fill the gap in the lack of support for individuals at home with feeding tubes. I want these individuals to have access to a dietitian to help them confidently manage their tubes at home while living their healthiest lives.

What to Expect

In this blog you can expect to see all things related to nutrition and tubies! I’ll provided information on tube-related topics (blenderized formulas, premade blends, traveling with formula, etc.), food and tube safety, evidence-based nutrition, and maybe a few recipes and garden updates too!

Have a topic that you’d like to know more about? Let me know by emailing your topic to LynnKlineNutrition@gmail.com and you’ll see it in a future blog post.

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