5 Tube Feed Products that Will Make Your Life Easier!

As time has gone by, the medical field has advanced and accessories for individuals who have feeding tubes have progress in big ways!! These new products have gotten more user-friendly are are great for any age. For the young children who have feeding tubes, companies have created products like backpacks, G-tube covers and pads, and creative ways to ensure that having a feeding tube does not limit any of their imaginations and possibilities!

Some of the products that are featured in this post are:

  • “Glow Green” Feeding Port
  • The Beata Clasp
  • The Tubie Guard
  • “Feeding Friends” Medical Retention Tape Stickers
  • Cloth Line Covers


Glow Green:
One of the greatest inventions (in my opinion), is the ability to have something glow in the dark. Even as an adult, I still think glow in the dark things are super cool and fascinating. Apparently so does a company created “Glow Green”, which has glow-in-the-dark feeding port or feed set connector, !

Product Highlights

  • Durable
  • Easy for night time feedings
  • Great for non-balloon buttons
  • For patients of all sizes and ages



The Beata Clasp:
This product is a soft foam clasp that has a universal size to attach to any size hospital bedrail, holding medical tubing, lines, and drains. The clasp is specifically designed to prevent any kinks, dislodging, and entanglement by holding the tubies in place within the grooves!

Product Highlights

  • Compact, Light, and Inexpensive
  • 100% Made from Recycled Products
  • Does NOT occlude IV tubing
  • Does NOT contain any magnetic materials
  • Is durable and washable



The Tubie Guard:
This product is great for kids who have enteral feeding tube connections because it is a sturdy case that protects the tube from disconnecting. The Tubie Guard’s are versatile so that it fits a variety of different extension tubes and feeding bags!

Product Highlights

  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Easily customizable based on the feeding bag and feeding tube extension
  • Allows for fewer messes and less money spent
  • Helps reduce the waste of expensive formula and other supplemental nutrition
  • Helps you and your child sleep at ease with no more messes and uncomfortable extension



Feeding Friends:
Feeding Friends tube feeding stickers are a wonderful product that helps secure a nasal feeding tube in place. They are fun and colorful, and come in a wide variety of animals and patterns. Each Feeding Friends comes in a roll that is 10 yards long, containing 100 feeding friends stickers, ensuring that the NG & NJ feeding tubes stay in place!

Product Highlights

  • Securely holds NG & NJ feeding tubes
  • Latex Free
  • Ensures the dressing (central line, nasal cannula, etc.) stays in place
  • At least 100 stickers per roll – one purchase lasts a very long time

tubie friends


Cloth Line Covers:
These covers go easily over your IV lines and help to keep the med port closed. Similar to the G-button pads, these soft and gentle pads help to make sure that the line does not accidently detach, and allows the lines to be safe and secure. Although many companies have made cloth line covers, crafty parents have made their own with fun fabrics and colors!

Product Highlights

  • Full coverage of the tubing and lining
  • Soft and Durable
  • Ensures that the port is covered
  • Machine Washable

cloth covers


Do you have other product that you love? Feel free to share with everyone in the comments below!

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